Wine Gift Baskets

You can purchase a fancy wine gift basket for a premium price, or you can do it yourself for a bargain. Your personally designed wine gift basket can look attractive for less.


People enjoy receiving a beautiful gift basket, and you can have fun making it. Fill your basket with a variety of low cost items and reasonably priced wines. There are so many choices.

Here are some ideas you can use to make your own wine gift basket. Keep in mind that you can tailor your basket to the gift receiver.

Any style of basket is fine - just make sure it will hold all the contents carefully. Your basket can be lined with shredded paper, crumpled paper, candy, napkins, or even a tea towels. There is no limit to ideas in this here.

Purchase one or two bottles of affordable wine. Then consider the items you will want to fill your basket. Shop at any grocery store, discount store, party store, or craft shop. Consider the theme you want to follow.

Wine Gift Basket Filler Ideas:

Wine glasses, fancy corkscrew, chocolates, crackers, cheese, chips, nuts, fruit, candles, soaps, music CD's, perfume, cologne, gift certificates, etc.

Presentation is important. Arrange your items with smaller items in front, larger in back. Use the liner materials to help you adjust your items height and position.

Wrap the basket with some type of netting or cellophone wrap. Tie with a pretty ribbon, add a huge bow.

It's so easy to make your own wine gift baskets. You can give a great gift that doesn't cost nearly as much as it looks!