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Wedding Websites

Reasons For Wedding Websites:

Connect with your family and friends through your wedding website.

Friends and family from across the country and around the world can feel included in your wedding plans. They can get to know and your fiancÚ and your families before coming to the wedding. Guests can read about you and your fiancÚ and view pictures of you both - now and in your youth.

Plan your wedding easier.

Your website can help you plan your wedding, keep track of details, and announce upcoming events. Record all your wedding events in an events calendar. You can also create a chat room or bulletin board for planning activities, which can help you save on long distance phone bills. Guest can RSVP online, submit music requests for your reception online, and more. A website is easy to update, keeping your guests duly informed to important changes.

Give your groom an opportunity to assist with wedding plans.

You can help your fiancÚ share part of the planning by working together on your wedding website. He can write about his life, his family and friends in the wedding party, etc. He can also share the task of scanning photos and maps.

Provide important information for your guests.

It's difficult to send too much information along with the wedding invitation. Your website can simplify by this by offering more information online, and guests can print what they want. You can include travel information such as maps, directions, hotels, tourist info, etc. Another bonus is providing an online gift registry, which can save your guests time shopping.

Preserve and share your wedding memories and begin your own family history.

You can preserve your wedding photos and memories in an updatable format that is easy for family and friends to access. You can burn your website on a CD if you don't want to continue paying hosting fees. After your wedding, you can publish honeymoon photos on your website, and your wedding site can be adapted into a family website in the future, allowing you to keep connected to your family and friends as your own family grows.

Page Ideas For Your Wedding Website

Following is a list of standard wedding website pages that many couples choose to include. You can build your own website or hire someone to design it for you.

Standard Pages:

1. Home Page: Welcome visitors to your site.
2. About You: Your guests can get to know you and your  fiancÚ better by reading your biographies.
3. Your Story: Tell the story of how you met each other and/or became engaged.
4. The Wedding Party: Give short bios of the bridesmaids and grooms.
5. Wedding Details: Date, time and place of your wedding.
6. Calendar of Events: A calendar can make it easier for guests to keep up with your various activities.
7. Travel Information: For guests coming from out-of-town, you can include a travel page with hotel and restaurant information (i.e. www.muchmenus.com). Add some tourist information and places to go for families with young children.
8. RSVP: Guests can RSVP online and you save on postage.
9. Gift Registry: Convenient! Guests shop from home and don't even have to travel with gifts.
10. Photo Albums: You can share whatever pictures you want - baby, high school graduations, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon.
11. Guestbook: Guest can leave you well-wishes on your website.
12. Wedding Festivities: Share your plans or photos of events, such as showers, parties, and dinners.