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Wedding Invitations

Usually invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding date. Exceptions are if you are planning a destination wedding or if you're expecting a large number of out of town guests.  Eight weeks in advance of your wedding date is suitable to give your guests enough time to make travel arrangements.

In general, avoid abbreviations. Professional title should be spelled out (Doctor). Exceptions: Mr., Mrs., Jr.) Words such as street should be spelled out in full, and avoid contractions in your wording.

If you prefer electronic mail to mailing out paper invitations, you could also use this method of communication to save on both time and cost.

It is considered poor etiquette to include registry information on your wedding invitation. It is better to pass on this information by word of mouth. Publishing your registry information on your wedding website is perfectly acceptable, though.

If you don't want to receive wedding gifts, as is often the case with a second-time bridge or groom, this information should be shared by word of mouth as well.

Black ink is generally used for formal events, but different colors can be used to match your wedding color scheme.

Choosing a printing style will vary, depending on your budget, the formality of your event, and your personal taste. Choices include: engraving, thermography, lithography, laser, and handwritten.

Engraving: Most formal, oldest printing style, raised print appearance, most expensive
Thermography: Similar to engraved, raised lettering appearance, shinier, glossy finish, less expensive than engraved
Lithography: Flat print, most widely used for wedding invitations, less expensive than above methods
Laser: Similar to lithography, cost effective, can print on home laser printer or at a shop
Handwritten: Adds a personal touch, least expensive

Reply Cards
A helpful time-saving tip is to assign a number next to each name on your guest list and then pencil in the same  number on the back of the reply card. When you receive back a reply card that is illegible or blank, you can find out who sent the reply card by matching the number on the back of the card with those on your guest list.