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Wedding Gifts

It's perfectly fine to register as soon as you get engaged, so there's no need to wait.

Registry Options
There are a lot of registry options, so do a little research first. Find out what extras are offered, for example, some retailers may offer you a discount for up to year after your wedding so you can complete your gift list. Make sure the process is hassle-free for the gift givers. How many locations does the store have? Are people able to order by phone and fax, as well as online? Do they have a toll-free number?

You can register at more than one place. Two to four registries gives your guests a lot of choices, especially if you choose one store for bedding and another for china, etc.

Don't register for china if what you really want is camping gear. Realize, though, that your tastes may change in the future, and you might want some fancy dishes for serving Christmas dinner to your own family and guest. Consider your needs for everyday living and formal needs.

Discuss Together
Be sure to register for gifts you both want. You need to consider the style of home you both want, and your activities. It's important to try to look into the future a little, as well (that four-person table and chair set might work for now, but maybe not in ten years).

Think of your Guests
Your guests will probably have different price ranges. Generally, about a third of your list should be under $50. Some large sets could be broken up to allow more than one person to purchase the items. Don't get greedy, your guests will see it a mile off!

Cash Gifts
If you receive a monetary gift, it's good practice to let the giver know in the thank-you note how you plan to spend the money.

Thank-You Notes
If you receive gifts before the wedding, a thank-you note should be sent out within two weeks. For gifts received on or after your wedding day, it's appropriate to send out a thank-you note within a month after your return from the honeymoon.