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Wedding Cakes

Choosing a baker to fit your taste and budget:

Ask to see photos of other wedding cakes created to help you decide if they are able to craft the cake you want.

Don't be afraid to ask for a sample tasting.

Price, workmanship, quality and taste may vary from baker to baker.


Decide on the flavor, size, shape and color. The size of your cake will be determined by the number of guests expected. Cakes can vary from one large tier to a large number of tiers. Typically cakes are round, square or heart-shaped.

The most common flavors are chocolate, carrot, lemon, rum and vanilla. Some creative variations are adding a filling such as custard, strawberry or chocolate. Also, think about having different flavored tiers.

Keep in mind decoration and spoilage: ie. sugar icing keeps longer than cream frostings.

When in the Bakery:

Be clear about the date, time, and location of the wedding and reception.

Set a deadline for changes to the cake design and size and for delivery.

Ensure that the cake can be delivered at a time convenient to you or whomever you will have to receive and inspect the cake.

Make sure the size, shape, flavor, color of the wedding cake, as well as decorations, delivery date, time, and place are specified in a contract or on the order form. Keep a copy for yourself.

1st Anniversary

Don't forget to save the top tier for your 1st anniversary. Remove the top tier before cutting the cake, wrap it in plastic or seal inside a plastic container. Keep the cake frozen until your 1st anniversary.

Cake Top

Some popular choices are: bells, love birds, a bridal couple, replica of two wedding rings. You can save your cake top as a keepsake of your wedding day. Fresh flowers are often used to top and decorate the cake. Discuss your cake top with your baker.

Cake Knife

The cake knife is used to cut the cake at the reception and is usually decorated with ribbons or flowers. The bride customarily cuts the first two slices of the wedding cake with the Groom's hand placed over hers. The groom usually feeds the bride first, then the bride feeds the groom. Guests generally take a lot of pictures during the cake cutting ceremony. Consider having your wedding knife engraved with your initials and wedding date as a souvenir.