Monster Energy Drink Side Effects

Monster Energy Drink Side Effects are a hot issue with more users becoming hard core energy drinkers.

The citrus flavour MONSTER energy drink is not only tasty but packs the usual taurine, ginseng, caffeine and Guarana that are associated with energy beverages. Does this can of pure energy come with side effects?  As users we all have experienced the monstrous effect only to want to experience that same punch the next day.  We all want to know if this quick fix has long term side effects.

Side effects that are related to Monster Energy include gastro-intestinal problems.  This drink has particularly high levels of carbohydrates which makes it more difficult for nutrients and fluids to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  That can be particularly dangerous to your health if you are exercising and losing a lot of fluid.

Monster Energy Drinks have a high sugar content.  When the sugar leaves the bloodstream your energy level can plummet significantly. 

It has been suggested that the high levels of caffeine can disturb sleep, and be a contributing factor with heart disease and high blood pressure.

One Monster Drink user reported all kinds of side effects.  She had pains in her stomach, vomiting, headaches, mood swings, blurred vision, and inability to concentrate.  If your experiencing these side effects than maybe you should quit.